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Error Determining Minimum HD Size Required

  • I'm trying to upload and deploy an image and am running into this error while trying to deploy the image. I've looked through the upload log and don't see any obvious warnings or errors.
    I've uploaded 3 other images on this same machine (those were drives running Windows and this drive is Linux) without any issues at all, but this Linux image is causing some kind of problem.
    Also, I'm getting that problem where the schema isn't showing up in the web gui, but the schema does in fact get created because it's right in the image folder.
    Using server version 1.4.4
    Upload: pastebin.com/BBZS2LWw
    Deploy: pastebin.com/qeWawfwa
    Schema: pastebin.com/nd5yW3gZ
    Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks