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NBP File Downloaded Successfully PXE

  • Hello - FANTASTIC PRODUCT! I setup the PXE Boot for 64 Bit EFI and works, but I have a 10th Gen Intel NUC that boots and downloads the NBP File and says "NBP File Downloaded Successfully" and then it just sits at that screen.

    Tried older Kernel and winpxe etc and same result.
    Anyone have a suggestion?

  • Answering my own question here in case someone needs.
    Admin Settings->Kernel Downloads
    Click Download Kernel of latest version (5.11.10) in my case.
    The AWESOME TheOpenEm will automagically Install the kernel.
    Click Admin Settings->PXE Boot Menu
    Ensure ipxe_efi is selected for both on EFI
    Click Global Boot Menu
    Set the New Kernel to each of the Bios, EFI64
    Actions->Create Boot Files
    System will take you to PXE Settings to update those.
    Should boot right in.