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What does your server configuration look like?

  • Hello Theopenem community!
    I've been looking into Theopenem for a few weeks and it seems like the perfect solution for our needs. I understand the application is highly scalable, but I read through the installation guide and I have three questions - (1) What does your environment look like (number of clients) and (2) what is your server configuration (Number of servers, OS, memory, storage, cpu type and # of cores) and (3) how well has that config served you given the size of your institution? Feel free to be as candid or reserved as you feel you need to be. I feel like this would help further adopters of this solution figure out if their server infrastructure is right as well.

  • We've been using TheOpenEM since the beginning of June. It has completely replaced System Center for us, as it does all of the things we actually used System Center for.

    My TOEMS server runs on a VMWare VM. The host it's on has Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz with 32 logical processors.

    The VM itself has 8 CPUs and 8GB of ram assigned for it. I run two hard drives, a 40 GB virtual that's on my SAN, and a 1TB volume that I am using TrueNAS to provide. This is the storage I use for all images, drivers, software, etc.

    Until this past week, I had one COM server,and it was the same virtual machine. I have since added a second comm server at one of our other buildings, to test out Multicast.

    Our Windows fleet is around 500 PCs, between teachers, staff, and labs.

  • @jason-cline Thank you for the info! It really does help put things into perspective.