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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to setup openem this way


    But I am having so many issues. It's been 3 days I have reinstalled several times

    Have someone tried this type of installation

    Up until now i've resolved the database issue
    The server requires MariaDB 10.4 in utf8 10.6 fails giving a charset issue

    Toems-api and Toems-ui work well

    For the toec-api I don't seem able to use the self signed certificate and the reverse proxy at the same time

    I'm not able to give Toec-api a public address and enable remotely at the same time I receive an error message saying remotely is not installed

    passing through the reverse proxy toec seems to have issues with the domain name changing but not having a public link on the com server

    Is there someone who has done it or a guide on how to make this kind of setup, not even necessarily on the setup but some more in depth guide on the server interactions and dependencies, maybe someone who has tries to run the server in linux by migrating the servers manually through .net core