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Help!!!! I need help!!!! Critical

  • My mid size company of about 300 end users just got all systems infected with ransomware I need a mass deployment immediately! I had this product installed on a vm and it was working flawlessly when clone a single had drive and deploying bust since I no longer have that machine because the computer got is go deleted from the attack. I rebuilt a new on this morning and follow all directions like last time to get it up and running now I cannot even clone a single machine I get could start server image receiver???? All my webconfig configurations seem to be correct as the videos on YouTube show and what’s in the instructions. I also get cant load kernel or something need to get the exact message when I disable safe boot on the usb. Please help and how can I deploy massively

  • @itguy2022

    The individual who makes TheOpenEM does offer paid consulting/service plans. I'd suggest giving him some money to make your deployment successful. See: https://theopenem.com/pricing/

    My company does provide general IT consulting services, let me know if you're interested in learning more about that.