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Problem trying to deploy image to another PC

  • I have been experiencing problems getting image from one pc to another pc and change unique installation ID. I am trying to get the image of PC1 (with Toec client installed), running the prerequisites from the part 3 video tutorial like stopping the services and --prepareImage in the powershell from Toec folder. When I deploy the image to PC2, the unique installation ID stays the same in PC2 (according to the logs). I tried reinstalling toec client but did not work. Any suggestions?

    Here are the steps I followed:

    • Configure Imaging, Multicast, Tftp settings with the appropriate IP
    • Created testImage with default settings, assigned testImage to PC1, update computer, upload image
    • ISO/USB boot generator all settings default except Secure Boot disabled (as that was causing a blank screen when booting from ISO).
    • Flashed the ISO to a USB through Rufus.
    • Disabled Toec from services, ran Powershell command for ./Toec.exe --prepareImage
    • Booted from ISO in PC1, ran theopenem. Shows image generated in webGUI
    • Put usb in PC2, booted and ran theopenem. Task on demand>Deploy>testImage.
    • PC2 boots up. Date and time is adjusted from the domain. Installation ID is the same from PC1
    • OpenEM WebGUI not detecting the PC2 in Computers but can see in the Image section.

    PC1 spec and factors to note:

    • Windows 11
    • Toec client
    • Part of Active Directory/Domain