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TOEM rename computer or add searchable notes

  • Hello,
    Suggestion- It would be great to be able to rename computers in TOEM (not imaged, just managed via TOEC) or add a "display name" field that is searchable but changeable in the TOEM UI.

  • I'd love the rename feature, too. Found these powershell commands, which could do the task, except @theopenem_admin would have to code in the input of the original name and the new name into the command, as the user changes the name + adding the domain join: shellgeek.com

    I'd like to add an option to dynamically join and leave the domain from the ACTIONS drop-down menu, too.

  • @eruthon Great idea too- to just rename via PS script.

    We manage a lot of remote computers without physical access using TOEM/TOEC, and sometimes it gets crazy trying to figure out which computer is which 🙂