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  • I have a couple of feature and information requests.

    1. It would be really helpful to support longer names for modules and policies. Currently, group names have a limit of 255 characters, but module and policy names have a limit of 45 characters. For something like a BIOS update that supports multiple models, it can be difficult to squeeze the name into that.
    2. Any chance that the character class limit in names can also be lifted -- in particular, brackets, parentheses, and semicolon would be useful?
    3. Do you have an SVG version of the Theopenem logo? Many of the open source OTP apps support setting an icon. Some apps, like Aegis on Android and Raivo on MacOS/iOS, prefer or require SVG icons (notably, it should not be a JPG/PNG embedded in an SVG). Each app or repository has it's own requirements for their icons, but it's easy enough to adapt to that with a source SVG.


  • Sorry. I thought of two more things.

    1. It would be really nice if the title of the page reflected the section you were in (e.g. THEOPENEM > Computers > ComputerName) so that the browser history could have more detail than just "THEOPENEM".
    2. Is there (or could you add) an option to change the page/app timeout?