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Slow image download for Dell 3070

  • Hello!

    I have Dell Optiplex 3070 machines which have slow image downloads. It takes around 12 minutes for 20 GB image, and all my other machines, some of them are 10 years old, need around 4-7 minutes, with images of similar size. It has NVME disk so it shouldn't be a problem.

    I've read somewhere that slow download speeds could be connected with unsupported or half supported network drivers. Kernel used is 5.17.3.

  • @itisljar
    We saw similar issues when using LIE instead of WIE images. Something with the realtek family of NICs. Except our speed dropped to like 200MB speeds. An hour or so for imaging a single machine. If we changed the BIOS from UEFI to Legacy, imaging speeds sped up again.

  • @surfboy sorry for late reply!

    I've had even worse problems lately, so I am doing some troubleshooting; image speeds fall down to 1 GB / min, imaging lasts about 15-20 minutes. I have spare SSD 2.5" drive, SPPC, I've disconnected NVME, put SSD in and put image to that SSD drive - speeds are as expected, around 5.5 GB / min.

    In desperation, I've created image with Aomei Backupper, which works through WinPE boot disk, and it works great. Speeds are around 120 MB / s, which was expected from cheap USB3 device, and it took around 5 minutes to finish.

    So, linux drivers / support for NVME is the problem here, not network.

    @theopenem_admin can something be done about that? WIE is currently not an option, unfortunately.