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RustDesk - remote control automatic deployment

  • A way to automatically deploy a RustDesk client:

    1. create command module
    1. download your customized RustDesk2.toml with FileCopy module
    • Destination: C:\<your-special-folder>\RustDesk
    • Overwrite Existing Files
    • Upload Files:
      • upload your customized RustDesk2.toml
    1. create script module for importing custom config in RustDesk2.toml
    Restart-Service -Name RustDesk
    Copy-Item "C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\RustDesk\config\RustDesk.toml" -Destination "C:\\<your-special-folder>\Rustdesk"
    & 'C:\Program Files\RustDesk\rustdesk.exe' --import-config Rustdesk.toml
    & 'C:\Program Files\RustDesk\rustdesk.exe' --password <your-permanent-password>
    Restart-Service -Name RustDesk

    For getting the ID you have to make a CMD module, which adds result to Custom Inventory:

    C:\Program Files\RustDesk\rustdesk.exe --get-id

    This command has to be run as system service, so it's normal if you don't see any ID when you try to run it manually.
    And you have to have updated version of RustDesk, which is 1.2.0, which started to support it.

    For every one of your PCs, run this modules in their respective order or create a policy.