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RustDesk - remote control automatic deployment

  • I'd like to show a way to automatically deploy a RustDesk client:

    1. create command module
    1. download your customized RustDesk2.toml with FileCopy module
    • Destination: C:\<your-special-folder>\RustDesk
    • Overwrite Existing Files
    • Upload Files:
      • upload your customized RustDesk2.toml
    1. create script module for importing custom config in RustDesk2.toml
    Restart-Service -Name RustDesk
    Copy-Item "C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\RustDesk\config\RustDesk.toml" -Destination "C:\\<your-special-folder>\Rustdesk"
    & 'C:\Program Files\RustDesk\rustdesk.exe' --import-config Rustdesk.toml
    & 'C:\Program Files\RustDesk\rustdesk.exe' --password <your-permanent-password>
    Restart-Service -Name RustDesk

    For every one of your PCs, run this modules in their respective order or create a policy.
    The script doesn't have any way to find out the remote ID, but you can use IP address, until there is a way to obtain the ID.