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Deployment Issues on Legacy Devices. (Lenovo M710q 10AY specfically)

  • Alright, so I have a Windows 10 22H2 image that I built that i've had no issue deploying to other Lenovo M710q SFF 10AY's(along with other profiled images for diff models) but on one of them, I'm having issues.

    So deployment goes fine, then -- Upon boot up, I get a 'booting from local disk...' then 'boot error'. I've tried deploying this image via LEGACY & UEFI with both failing to boot.

    My question is, is this something from my end? (I've installed the 10AY profiled image on other 10AY models without issues.) OR could this be something like the hard disk being bad?

    I've included the Deploy log(s) as well below.

    TELL4-W10_01-31-2023_13_52-onddeploy (1).txt

  • @icxnelly Hi guys I just needed to change the boot mode, IDK why I didn't think of that..