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Toec Client fails to check in unless I run --resetFull/Partial on endpoint

  • I've been using this Win 10 22H2 Image for deployment without issues until today.. I deployed to a machine today & after 10 minutes it was not under Active Computers, I checked the imaging logs and there is no error that I could identify (attached)

    Logged into the machine as local admin, opened a Admin PS prompt and from C:\Program Files\Toec, I ran the --resetPartial and again, the --resetFull option 10 minutes apart with no change (machine never checks in) ... So I went ahead and pre-provisioned it again via TOEMS Web UI & re-ran the --resetFull. I went ahead and joined my domain and rebooted. Still no change as of 10 minutes later (at time of typing this)

    As I am typing this, the machine actually did show up under active computers with a successful check-in. My question is, why/what could cause this?

    I'll also mention that the image used, is meant to be universal based of the universal image YT video.