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"This computer not registered" when trying to upload image

  • Hello. I'm new to Theopenem and this is my first attempt at imaging.

    I have followed the server setup and everything seems to be correct with the server. I installed toec on a computer and it registers in the server and shows in the computer list in the webui.

    I created an image, assigned it to the computer. I then chose the "upload image" option for this computer and it shows up in the "active tasks" list as "upload."

    On the computer I run .\toec.exe --prepareImage and then shutdown the computer. I boot off the usb drive I created from the iso image and it says:

    "This computer is Not Registered. No active web tasks were found for this computer. Starting registration.

    IP Address:

    ** You Must Be Logged In to Continue **"

    I then login and it says:

    ** Downloading Core Scripts **
    . . . . . . Cound not download script
    . . . . . . Response Code: 403

    I'm at a loss here. I've double checked everything. I watched the three part tutorial on youtube back and forth and I don't see anything I'm doing wrong here.