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Injecting Drivers Over WinPE

  • Hello all,

    is there a way to inject drivers in WIE? trying to image workstations without have toec installed on the image, I tried Editing the the uploaded image in Windows System imaging manager but i keep getting an error.

  • Are you talking about injecting model specific drivers into the image after deployment?

    • Extract drivers from the machine:
    Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination c:\Drivers
    • Zip these into an archive (such as Drivers.zip) and upload these into a file copy module.
    • On your image, create an image profile and enable the file copy module you created.
    • On your setupcomplete.cmd file you will need:
    pnputil.exe /add-driver c:\drivers\*inf /subdirs /install
    • You may need to recapture your image with this setting. Now all you do for new models is extract drivers, create a file copy module and a new image profile.