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Toec-1.5.0-x64 installation failed

  • when i am trying to install client package(Toec-1.5.0-x64) client side however its throwing below error message e1d7eb10-57f1-4cd8-af1d-c0a077e6644b-image.png.

    please help me to resolve this issue

  • I had similar issue in the past - if the "5K" on the screeshot is the size of your toec client installer, it means it was not built properly server-side. It should be over 5 Megs in size.
    Check your Admin Settings -> Toec screen and see 'Client MSI Arguments'. Does it have value for all the arguments (SERVER_KEY, CA_THUMBPRINT, COM_SERVERS)? Mine was having empty SERVER_KEY due to having wrong dbencryption key in web.config.
    Application log was saying "ERROR Toems_Service.EncryptionServices Could Not Decrypt Password. Ensure Your Encryption Key is Correct."
    Once I've put the correct dbencryption key, the toec client installer started builing correctly.

  • @chavi: thanks for the hits however when i am trying to update the "Provision Key:" which is under "Admin Settings--> Security" throwing an error message saying that "Could Not Update Settings"ee9b8eff-48de-49b3-9ded-76812dafd3ee-image.png . any thoughts for this error

  • @mahesh if you're going through the Server Installation steps for a second time, see if you have re-enabled AllowCAGen and AllowProvisionKeygen in your Toems-API Web.config. There is a step in the installation when you have them disabled (set to false).