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  • I'd welcome some of these features to Toec client:

    • Faster check-in of Toec to Toems - mainly after startup of the PC, because waiting for it to register can be a bit annoying when I need to be quick
    • Notifications in some kind of popup/baloon fashion to inform the users what kind of policy, module, etc. is currently running; it could also be toggleable to hide the notifications
    • Some actions like manual check-in from some kind of Toec menu, could provide ability to reimage PC etc, only for admins
    • Categories added to modules and policies could be used to make Toec menu folders to make it easier to navigate it, if you have many modules and policies like me
    • Adding Logs to the Toec interface to have faster access to it, and have the logs in more readable state, where it's not one big file, but the logs would be attached to the history of running/already run modules and policies

    If it's not the wish of the creators to add any interface to Toec, I'd wish to have it implemented in the web at least. You possibly won't add it to current Toems interface, but hopefully it could be implemented in the 12/2024 release of Toems 2.0 with Blazor.