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Proxy DHCP in virtual machine on same server as Theopenem?

  • Ive successfully got Theopenem up and running and managed to image a few test machines via legacy and UEFI BIOS's but i need to build Theopenem with a proxy DHCP service so i can do both instead of having to switch in the web interface.

    Ive managed to get the Toems Proxy DHCP working and serving both types of BIOS successfully but it requires an extra machine running.

    Is there a way to setup a virtual machine inside the same server where Theopenem is running and run the Toems Proxy DHCP inside said virtual machine?

    My setup is a flat network with 1 x Windows Server 2019 running Theopenem and clients connecting via a gigabit switch for ondemand imaging.