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Not Prompting For Login When Entering Imaging Enviroment

  • I recently took over managing the imaging server at work and there isn't a ton of documentation from before my time that can help out with this. I was deploying images for about 2 months with no issues. One day I was uploading a new image and for some reason it no longer asks for login credentials when entering the imaging environment anymore. The only settings I had changed were the provision requirements. I have since gone back and tried every single combination and still hasn't worked. I have also tried rebuilding the WIE multiple times. Have not been able to get it back into a state where it prompts for a login. As a last resort I updated the server to in hopes that there would be a fix for it but the issue still persist.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this!
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    -Jarod K

  • Figured out the problem. When building the WIE I had put the Universal Imagining Token. I remade the WIE and left the Universal Token blank and now it prompts for a users username and password.