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  • G'Day Folks.

    I want to use TheOpenEM for a really simple task. PXE Boot, take a laptop image, and reimage other laptops. A mate trialled a couple of other solutions to do this, but we found TheOpenEM was consistently faster at both reading and writing images than anything else we tried. This isn't a bulk, hundreds of laptops operation. We might do a few a week tops. But it'll still save us a lot of time.

    So, the issue is all this works fine in testing. The standard instructions DIDN'T get PXE boot working for me, but google returned some answers, I had to head to the kernels menu, download a kernel, and set up PXE boot from there.

    The issue - In my Prod environment, I'm forced through a proxy gateway. I have no say in this. I can't modify anything. When I go to the kernels menu, it's blank. Nothing. Zip. Nada. So I can't get the PXE boot working.

    So.... Is it possible to manually grab a kernel, add it to the filesystem, and build my PXE boot stuff that way?