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Login screen password field misbehaves with password managers

  • I've been experiencing this from the beginning but now I'm migrating to the new release. When I have my password manager autofill, it enters a password, and then that gets cleared.

    On chrome, using the old built in password manager or the new Google Password Manager, the offer to fill the password would not initially appeared, I had to put the cursor focus into a text field, then remove it, and re-enter the username field. Then after filling, I had to focus the password field, then remove focus, then the field would be filled. This being workable made me deprioritize this post

    I switched to Bitwarden. Now it does offer to fill, but nothing I do will restore the filled password. Instead I copy & paste the password. While the password field is in this bounced state, the login attempt will fail.

    In the Inspect menu, changing type="text" to type="password" corrects the behavior; but Theopenem uses ASP to generate HTML and I have not found a means to enact this change

    <input name="WebLogin$Password" type="password" id="Password" class="password watermark" maxlength="8">

    In C:\Program Files\Theopenem\Toems-UI\default.aspx, commenting out line 53 seems to correct the behavior as well.

    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {
            $('.uname').watermark('Username', { useNative: false });
            //$('.password').watermark('Password', { useNative: false });
            $('.textbox').watermark('Verification Code', { useNative: false });

    I do not experience this problem on the User Creation screen, but those textboxs aren't css password fields, and I don't know where the javascript would be.


    <asp:TextBox ID="Password" runat="server" TextMode="Password" CssClass="password" ClientIDMode="Static"></asp:TextBox>


    <asp:TextBox ID="txtUserPwd" runat="server" TextMode="Password" CssClass="textbox"></asp:TextBox>

    I am not a web developer, I may have come to misguided conclusions.