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  • So I am very new to Theopenem. We have used WDS in the past and tried using MDT and got it working but it is difficult. Trying out Theopenem and have setup it up successfully and able to create master image and upload the image using the Ipex setting under the PXE booloader, but unable to use the winpe options or any other options as I get the following error.

    Updated Settings Successfully, But Could Not Copy PXE Binaries On One Or More Com Servers. Check The Logs For More Info.

    In my log info I get the following error.
    2024-02-13 08:09:37,255 [27] ERROR Toems_Service.Workflows.CopyPxeBinaries Com Server With Guid f5a8cd34-15d6-4f38-9c59-55b55821755a Not Found