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  • I have a bug report and feature request for software inventory.

    Currently, software inventory seems to (mostly) take unique combinations of the software name and version, and that entry is referenced for the computer software table.
    Unfortunately, this often results in an incorrect uninstall string. In particular, any application that is installed per-user will just show the uninstall string from the first installation that was seen.
    We often will want to replace a user-installed app with a system-installed app, so having the proper uninstall string is a good way to track those down (as well as being necessary to remove the user-installed version).

    Thus, the uninstall string should be unique to a specific installation of the software.

    As for the feature request, it would be very nice to have the Publisher and Installed On fields populated in the software inventory (Installed On also requires the software inventory to be per-instance).

    It may also be important to note that a piece of software could be installed both per-user (or for multiple users on one computer) and system-installed and should thus be listed multiple times in inventory for the same computer.