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Trouble booting LIE kernel on Meteor Lake laptop

  • We have a new Dell Latitude 7450 (Intel Meteor Lake) that Theopenem's LIE is unable to boot on.
    A previous Latitude 7440 (Raptor Lake) booted perfectly fine from the LIE, with Secure Boot disabled.
    On the 7450, Grub appears and I can select my boot type, but then am met with a single cursor in the corner of the screen, very similar to how Secure Boot looks with the older shim on new hardware, but Secure Boot is definitely off...
    I tried using a newer kernel as provided in this thread, but no luck.

    Curiously, other Linux kernels post just fine when injected into Theopenem's boot disk, including the one included in GParted's Live USB, though they panic when trying to figure out the root partition. I haven't fully explored the method Theopenem uses to make a ramdisk yet...

    Any insight or suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue? Kernel arguments to try, grub modifications, etc etc?