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  • Hello all,

    New user, only just installed TOEM about 40 minutes ago but having an issue with the LDAP Sync that I`m stumped on.

    I`ve entered the details, and the LDAP Test is successfull.
    The LDAP Sync also reports as "Succeded"

    But none of my AD structure is showing and Search All computers is empty.

    Any ideas?


  • Sorted it myself in the end.

    Never reallt dealt with LDAP before, so when I ran dsquery to get the info I needed for the LDAP settings, I`d also copied the CN=USERS part.

    I was staring at the settings and wondered if that meant it was only searching within Users in the AD, so I removed it, the test was still succesfull, so then I re-ran the Sync, which was also successfull but now I can see computers and my AD structure.