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LIE with no compression broken?

  • Hi and first thank you very much for your continued development with Theopenem.

    This week I finally started to install it (current v1.5.6.0 fresh install) to start replacing Clone Deploy that I still run. But had now problems with hanging schema build at servers.

    I have some servers already added as image only and a windows vm where I can easily test imaging and watch the screen remotely.

    Imaging with LZ4 is working fine, but when I switch to "none" as compression, it has "the best compression ever", as size stays at 0.
    I want to use none because of dedup, like when I requested it for Clone Deploy 🙂

    It shows no errors but it just doesn't send anything and directly goes to 100%.

    I tried with the VM (all partitions) and physical servers (custom schema, only OS Disk), all empty.


    It looks then like this:



    With LZ4:

    Anything I do wrong? Does it work for anyone?