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  • I had some servers where the lie process always got stuck at "Creating Image Schema".

    I debugged it now and found out it hangs at this point:

    hard_drive_guid=`gdisk -l $hard_drive ...

    https://github.com/jdolny/Toems-MSI/blob/main/Toems Client API/Program Files/Toec-API/private/clientscripts/lie_upload#L270

    in my case it asks for input because it seems to have both, MBR and GPT.


    a bit later in the script it checks the "mbr_status", but I think this check should be done BEFORE the gdisk call so that it can exit cleanly.

          hard_drive_guid=`gdisk -l $hard_drive 2>> $CLIENT_LOG | grep GUID | awk -F': ' '{print $2}'`
    	  log "Current NVRAM Entries"
    	  efibootmgr -v &>> $CLIENT_LOG
          if [ "$mbr_status" = "MBR only" ]; then
            error "This Hard Drive Appears To Have Both GPT And MBR.  Theopenem Does Not Know What To Use.  You Must First Convert The Drive To One Or The Other Before Uploading"