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  • It would be very nice if I could set up File Copy Modules with drivers for specific devices, and during deploy, if that hardware is present, the module gets applied.

    I'm dealing with an issue right now where a certain Intel wifi module has a known issue in the latest published drivers where it won't report any wifi network from WAPs that offer 802.11ax, even though they can negotiate down. The solution is a released-but-not-published driver package. The issue is OEMs haven't always used a consistent module in a given model. I'm currently including it in driver packages for models that can have this module, but I'm not certain that's harmless, and it's a manual identification process.

    I would much rather configure a module to identify this device separately and get the drivers as needed. This would also simplify dealing with a lot of minor variation within models, such as the presence of fingerprint, smartcard, and NFC readers, different graphics packages, WWAN/GPS modules, which are often the same hardware appearing on a range of models within a generation or generic parts sourced by the whole industry.