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Computer Registration Issue when Imaging

  • Hello, I am testing imaging in a lab environment (ESXi) before deploying it for production use.
    I am running into an issue with automatic image capture. The goal is for us to easily upload an image from 1 machine and then deploy to the rest and have the computers automatically registered.

    First I create a new image. Then under the computer (toec installed) I want to upload the image, I go to image settings and assign the image to the computer and apply. I then select upload image on the computer. I unregister the Toec application through powershell and shutdown the VM. Boot into ipxe_efi64.
    Where I have an issue is with the upload process. In the tutorial, the computer sees the open imaging task for the computer and starts the upload. However, in my case, I see the message "This computer is not registered. No active web tasks were found for this computer. Starting registration."

    I can't figure out why this is the case. From my understanding the computer should already be registered and see the imaging task created for it. Any ideas? Thanks!
    Edit: The problem is that the computer that the image was uploaded from does not re-enroll and needs to be removed from Theopenem and a reinstall of toec.

  • When you installed toec did you collect inventory? That needs to be done if you want the imaging client to already be registered.