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  • I found Theopenem thru Clonedeploy with my quest of the best and perfect imaging solution. I'd been using clonedeploy for more than 2 years and I found it very useful and straight forward solution for my imaging needs. Clonedeploy saved my day during the start of pandemic 2020 where in we have to deploy hundreds of laptops in a very short time.

    I started using theopenem and found it useful for managing and imaging solution. Even though clonedeploy and theopenem are basically the same. I still found clonedeploy has an advantage to theopenem. Clonedeploy installation is very simple and easy.
    I know theopenem has more capabilities of doing end management.
    There are times and environment that we just need to image the computers and call it a day.

    Thank you for developing theopenem. I'm convinced that theopenem is a great tool for managing computers that's why I subscribed for a Pro Support Plan.

    Thank you for keeping Clonedeploy website up and running. Pls continue developing Clonedeploy if you have some time to spare.


  • Thanks for your feedback. Other than installation, is there something about CloneDeploy that was better than it is now. It really should be a very similar process.

  • @theopenem_admin

    seems pxeboot in clonedeploy is easier.

  • I think if you could manually add a station for cloning ,PC name, MAC, only in TheOpenEM in the GUI like in CloneDeploy that would be awesome. My use case is I image machines on 2 networks, Staff machines and Public used machines. I keep TheOpenEM on the same network at the public PCs since they are imaged more often (quarterly) the Toec client is great for these. The staff machines I only connect to that network when I am pushing the imaging. So possibly only once in that machines lifetime.