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Toec client - The Request Was Unauthorized Provision/ComConnectionTest/

  • Hello all,

    I am a new user of Theopenem, so I hope my question is not too dumb for this forum.

    I support local schools with their server and client management and I am using opsi for that until now. I am currently evaluating theopenem as a replacement, at least for the os deployment.

    I followed the getting started tutorial (very nice, thanks for that), installed the server (lastest version) on a domain joined windows 2019 server, configured it and then installed the exported client msi on a windows 10 20H2 client - fresh install, no modifications made.
    Unfortunately the client is not able to authenticate at the server. The log says:

    2021-05-30 16:44:00,287 ERROR [4] ApiRequest - The Request Was Unauthorized Provision/ComConnectionTest/
    2021-05-30 16:44:00,287 ERROR [4] ServiceActiveComServer - Could Not Connect To Any Client Com Servers.  Delaying 30 Seconds Before Next Retry.

    I double checked with wireshark - server has ip, client has ip

    195108	2586.246139	HTTP	407	GET /Provision/ComConnectionTest/ HTTP/1.1 
    195109	2586.257693	TCP	54	8888 → 49251 [ACK] Seq=9505 Ack=11674 Win=2101504 Len=0
    195110	2586.259726	HTTP	351	HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

    I tried the URL in my browser and got a http authentication: I was not able to login with my toemsadmin credentials.

    I reread the tutorial, watched the tutorial youtube videos part 1&2, did the complete install from scratch again, tried the options in Admin Settings => Security and the problem is reproducable and persists. I still have no clue, why I get this 401 unauthorized error.

    Anyone able to help me with this?

    Best regards,

  • Have you installed the certificates on the server? Can you verify the time and date on both the server and client are the same?

  • @theopenem_admin
    certificates where installed but ... the timezone on the default install of the client was wrong. Now it works, thank you!