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  • This was originally supposed to be 1.4.0 but there was a bug where the toec client wouldn't auto update without using version 1.4.4. It should be fixed moving forward.

    • Adds the optional ability to deploy / uploads images directly with an smb share instead of the current http method, eliminating the high cpu utilization.

    • Adds new imaging workflow to make universal images easier. Such as domain joining, a first run group to run policies only after imaging, and an image prep GUI to help prepare the image for upload.

    • Adds a pxe boot menu editor to the WebUI.

    *Fixes an issue where the universal token would not work with PXE booting.

    *Adds new debug option to the WIE to try and determine why some users are having login issues.

    Update docs can be found at https://docs.theopenem.com/tutorials/updates/