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Theopenem bootable USB does not show console text

  • I've run into trouble with two device models where Theopenem (and Clonedeploy before) do not show any text when booted to a USB stick for imaging and deployment.

    Grub (UEFI) appears, but no Linux kernel output. A single white cursor line is visible in the upper corner.

    Strangely enough, the kernel IS booting, and commands can be completed blindly if you're adventurous enough.

    Issue seen on an HP Elitebook 1030 G2 (only when Legacy Mode is disabled), and a recent Dell XPS laptop (no workaround found).

    Any suggestions on Grub or kernel edits/commands to get basic text appearing?

    Thank you!

  • @tylerloch said in Theopenem bootable USB does not show console text:

    run into trouble with two devices where Theopenem (and Clonedeploy before) do not show any text when booted to a

    When creating the usb stick, disable the secure boot option. It will use a newer version of grub, but sadly doesn't support secure boot.

  • @theopenem_admin That works in a pinch! Thank you!
    I remember a while back that there was some drama around getting a new version of Grub signed for Secure Boot use. I take it that's not in the cards anytime soon?

  • The security bug has been fixed and now Microsoft is signing the shim loader again. I'm waiting for the newest shim version of 15.5 to be released before I try to get it signed. I'm hoping to have this done as soon as possible but it's a pain.

  • @theopenem_admin

    Bumping this one, as I just ran into the same thing. Was hoping to deploy the image I just got working on 25+ laptops... but it won't support secure boot.

  • If you need to support secure boot, you'll need to use the windows imaging environment. Other than that you need to disable secure boot, image, then reenable.