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TOEC installed before or after imaging

  • Is it best practice to install TOEC after a device has been deployed, or include it on the image itself? We did the latter, but I'm not sure newly created deploys are checking in properly. I'm guessing the computer is introducing itself to TOEM after TOEC is installed, which creates a fingerprint of some sort. Then all cloned images are getting the same fingerprint.

    I could, of course, be completely wrong. But if that is the case, is there a way to "reset" toec after a machine has been imaged?


  • It's fine to put it on the image but you must prepare it for image, or like you said the installation id will be the same on each machine.

    From the docs:

    Toec.exe --prepareImage

    If you want to install Toec before capturing an image of the computer. You must run this prior to the last shutdown of the computer. Failure to run this will cause each client's installation id to be the same, preventing Toec from working properly.

    You should be able to run that command on the machines that have already imaged in order to fix them also.

  • @theopenem_admin Ok, that makes perfect sense. Missed that in the docs, sorry. Is Toec.exe in path, or do I need to be in a specific place to run it? (I'd check myself, but I'm not on site at the moment)

    Thanks for the quick response. Great project 🙂

  • c:\program files\toec\toec.exe