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Force Remotely Reregistration

  • I have several clients who have the same Remote Access ID, despite making sure the proper command was run prior to sysprep. Everything else is collecting separately, but the Remote Access ID is the same for several of them, all the same model of device.

    Is there a way to force a PC to re-register a new remotely Access ID?

  • It seems this was overlooked. A toec reset does not uninstall the Remotely client. I'll need to add that. You can try setting the policy for remote access from enabled to force reinstall, not sure if that will work or not. You may need to manually uninstall it if not.

  • @theopenem_admin Confirmed ForceReinstall does NOT unregister Remotely 🙂 I've only got a few, so we can correct all but two, so I will leave a test case, whenever you have another version ready 🙂