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Selectively not joining the domain

  • Is it possible to set up a single image or profile to not rename, not join the domain? Also, is it possible to create a policy for those computers that would remove TOEC?

    Weird special case scenario, but I'm trying to prepare a stack of laptops to be given to employees permanently.

  • You can easily disable the rename for the image profile. The domain join would be a little harder. Since it's controlled by a policy, you would need to get creative to find a way to get that policy to not run on that computer, through some sort of condition.

  • @theopenem_admin Ok, I'll think on that. Is it possible to give a policy two conditions? Right now, I'm using the domain join policy as provided in the universal image video. If I can limit that to newly imaged AND certain computer names, I think I can do it. Thanks again!