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Application Usage Tracking

  • I have been using CloneDeploy for years and have been looking for a reason to use Theopenem and then I saw the application usage tracking.
    I checked on the demo and couldn't see how it worked. I am looking for something to get stats for software used my only concern is we deepfreeze our PC's so does application tracking happen live or is that processed every hour? Also will it give me software opens or time software was running.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • It is continuously monitoring the applications and recording the results in local database. Then every time the computer checks in, it sends the results. By default the checkin is every 60 minutes but you can set it to whatever you like. It records the count of how many times the application is launched, as well as the time it opened, the time it closed, and who was using it. I'm not sure how theopenem would handle being on a computer with deepfreeze, but I would be interested to know. I think it would be fine, as long as it was frozen after the client was installed.

  • Would it be possible to have them uploaded at logoff or shutdown. Also a possibility would be making a unthawed folder that contained the data.

    How terrible would setting the check in for 5 or 10 minute checkins be for 100 machines?

    Do you have any screen shots or video of the collection data/reports? I tried on the test machine but I couldn't get anything. I also searched youtube for any video of Theopenem and didn't find anything at all.

  • You can't do it at logoff because it's not reliable. There is no way to halt the shutdown / logoff to wait for processes in Windows. So even when detecting logoff and submitting results it may not finish before the logoff. Checkin can be as low as 1 minute. The average checkin uses less data than a single view of google.com, so the traffic on the network is negligible. I'll add some screenshots.

  • time.jpg

  • count.jpg

  • That looks great! I'll probably test this out second quarter. Thanks!

  • A year later and I finally got this set up 🙂 and with your video it was really easy!
    So how do you run the report for Application Usage Tracking? Maybe a video on reports would help other too? When I run the Process Report I get no Processes found. I have the client to checkin interval set to 5 minutes so it should have caught some usage. I'm probably doing something wrong.