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  • Are there any tutorials or documentation for Multicast? I have a multicast task set up, the server is listening, the clients connect to it. In my test case I set up a multicast for 3 devices. I connected the three devices, and got to Starting to restore image (-) to device (/dev/sda4). Two of them had Press any key to start receiving data! and one did not. Pressing the key on those two gave Sending go signal but the third did not give that option.

    The active tasks screen shows:


    And the multicast log shows:

    07-15-21 03:32 Starting Multicast Session With The Following Command: cmd.exe /c ""C:\Program Files\Theopenem\Toec-API\\private\apps\udp-sender.exe" --file "E:\TheOpenEM\images\universal\hd0\part2.ntfs.lz4" --portbase 9106 --min-receivers 3 --ttl 32 --interface --mcast-rdv-address"

    I'm sure I'm just missing something here. They look like they're ready to receive, but nothing is happening.


  • In your com server multicast settings you can try changing the block size for multicast sender arguments. Some people have success with:

    --blocksize 700

  • Tried that with two clients, and neither of them got the "press any key" option. Now they're just sitting.

    To expand on my situation: These clients are on different subnets, but CAN see each other. Do I still need multiple com servers? I'm concerned about this because one building doesn't have a server location anymore.

  • One com server is all you need. If it's not multicasting across subnets, it could be a network config issue.

  • @theopenem_admin Also, should the log be showing anything on the server end when the multicast clients connect?

  • No. It only shows the command that is issued to start the session.

  • Hmm, ok. Well, one of the clients is on the same switch as the imaging server, just on a different VLAN, but IGMP should be configured properly. At the very least, I should be seeing something there. Is there a list of multicast server settings somewhere? I assume these are arguments for the UDP sender/receiver, and not partclone, is that correct?

  • @jason-cline said in Multicast:

    there a list of multicast server settings somewhere? I assume these are arguments for the UDP sender/receiver, and not partclone

    Correct. The full list:


  • WIW, I have the same situation, and the only thing that seemed to work for me was to make sure that all storage settings were set to local, on the main server, and secondary com servers, and to make sure upload/deploy direct to SMB was disabled. Works like a charm after that.