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  • I'm trying to use the WIE creator and running into an issue. I created my ISO file. I am able to boot to the usb. I login without any problem but when I get to this and can't get any further.


  • @dannyneunan What did you do to get passed this part and select the image/profile?

  • After rereading your other thread, I uploaded the image again using WIE. I am now able to get passed that part and image the device.

    I did notice that the upload and client download process was much slower using WIE than LIE. Using LIE we've been able to get 8-12Gb download on single device deployments (devices using NICs other than newer realtek). Imaging times of 2-5 minutes for a 12.5GB image.

    Just wondering if you've seen similar differences between the 2 environments.

  • I can image 19gb in about 5 minutes. I am happy with that kind of speed.