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  • I'm trying to set up a second com server. Does the COM server have to use local storage? What happens if I don't replicate storage, as appears to be an option for the com server replication settings.

    Is it possible to have image information stored on a remote drive, and have the com server serve it directly from there?

    My storage is currently a freenas ISCSi target that the TOEMS server is pointed at. My second com server is in another building, so I'm not sure if ISCSI is a safe way to go.

  • It's needs to be local, iSCSI would also work. If you don't replicate, then you need find your own way to replicate the data. There is a feature where you can image directly to SMB, skipping the com server local storage, but then every computer would need to be able to access that smb share. The Toec client would continue to use the com server, it only affects imaging.

  • In my situation every client has access to the SMB share, or at least in theory. I tried this: I used an UNC path for the local storage on the com server, and I am currently multicasting to two devices. I'm going to see how it goes.

    Worst that will happen is it won't work, so hey...