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  • Hello,
    I can't upload the msi file to the server from web UI. I receive the following error when "UploadApiUrl is the private ip address plus port 8080

    XHR returned response code 0

    If the "UploadApiUrl" is fqdn eg. theopenem.domain.com I receive the following error.

    XHR returned response code 404

    The fqdn is not accessible publicly. It is an internal fqdn setup through haproxy to server ip and port to receive lets encrypt certs.

    All other functionality has been working fine so far but this. I am running latest version 1.4.4

    Any help would be appriciated.

  • Open your browsers debug tools and select console. Upload a file and post the console output.

  • @theopenem_admin

    I used to get this pop-up before i get the error it tries it 10 times to upload file


    Because of this pop-up I was unable to copy the content of console and when the popup goes out then the console reset. So I end up typing the errors.

    There are 2 errors present 1 I believe was my own doing which I was able to resolve but i still have the other error and unable to upload.

    Mixed Content: The page at 'https://doamin.com/views/modules/softwaremodules/uploadfiles.aspx?softwa traditional.xhr.upload.handler.js:222 reModuleId=1'
    was loaded over HTTPS, but requested and insure XMLHttpReqest endpoint ''.
    This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS

    [Fine Uploader 5.15.0] Error when attempting to parse xhr response text (unexpected end of JSON input)

    I updated the webconfig file toemsui with the proper https address so the first error goes away but the second is still present.

    One thing I noticed when I had the UpoloadApiUrl as a private ip in the webconfig of toemsui I was able to upload a file without error if i navigate to the web using the private ip at http.


  • If your front end is using https://doamin.com, then your upload url should start the same, not using the ip address.

  • @theopenem_admin
    Well in that case as mentioned in the above post that I get two errors based on the instruction provided by you. How can I resolve these errors? Any suggestions.