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  • Hello! I am currently setting up Theopenem on our network, and using a Windows 10 Pro VM. Before I install the client on all our computers, I wanted to make sure there is a way to move to a Windows Server VM if I end up needing to in the future. How would I go about switching which VM is used as the server, what would the migration look like? Is there an official way to export everything and give it the same IP and it'll be fine?

  • There is nothing official. You would need to install on the new server and migrate the database and any extra files you may have added. It can be done. How many computers are you installing the client on?

  • Around 40, I believe. Most are laptops, though, so they won't always be on campus, which is why I'm thinking I might not hit the 20 connection limit immediately.
    Would the files just be the ones referenced in the setup, plus the database?

  • Yes, and anything you might add if you are deploying anything. If 20 of them are active and you try to access the web ui, you won't be able to, since that would make 21 connections, just so you know.

  • Okay, makes sense. Will I still be unable to access the web interface from localhost? Also, where is the database? Will that just be a file copy, or do I need to do a SQL export or something?

  • Not sure if localhost counts as a connection. The database is just Mariadb / mysql, you would need to do a dbdump and import it on the new server.

  • Alright, thanks. I'll continue as is for now and see if the connections becomes a problem.