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Adding new com servers to existing clients

  • WE currently have a dilemma where our organization prevents us from joining the network until a computer is DRP by mac address to a web portal. When connected to ethernet before registration the IP still resolves to our server, just not the domain name.

    We however would like to have a com server with a domain name to allow IPs to change if they ever need to.

    My suggested solution to this is to host two com servers. One on a domain name, and one on a ip address. The imaged computer will default to the IP one, but my question is how do I deploy the second com server to them all. Does it auto add to all existing clients once I add a new com server to the cluster?


  • It's automatic. You just need to add the second com server to the com server cluster and they will receive it at the next checkin. You would also want to regenerate the msi so that both com servers are built in by default.

  • @theopenem_admin Awesome, thank you!