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Multiple com servers, but not syncing images with all

  • I'm new to TOEM and in the testing stage and I'm at a crossroad on how I can best set this up for image deployment.
    We have a pinwheel setup, Multiple locations can access the hub, but they can't access each other. Obviously I was going to setup a com server in each location, but then I started wondering, if I create an image at location 1, will it sync that image to all locations, or just with the hub?
    If I was talking 5 or 10 locations, that might not be that big of a deal, but I'm around 35 locations now, and the plan is to possibly add 1 or 2 each month. The plan was to build an image dedicated to each site with the unique setup each one has, but even at a low 5GB image, multiply that by 35 locations and 35 copies, that's a lot of data storage for something that's not needed.

  • Currently you can't select which images are replicated to which location. You can only sync or not sync images to that com server. It's something I could add though. If you want to add this to the feature requests sections of the forums so I don't forget about it, that would be helpful