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Printer module,script and command do not install printers over the network

  • I am really struggling with the printer module I have tried it on 3 different settings, the printer module, a script and a command and none are installing the printers but I get exit code 0 meaning successfull deployment. I run those commands separatedly and ALL work fine and my printers install so I am not sure where the issue is at at this point but when i run this from theo i get nothing.

    printer module code: '\printerserver\printer name' ; Action: installPowershell
    -module run on device: powershell.exe add-printer -connectionName "'\printerserver\printer name'"

    Command module code: command: powershell.exe ; Arguments: add-printer -connectionName '\printerserver\printer name'
    -extract of code run on the device: cmd.exe /c "powershell.exe" add-printer -connectionName '\printerserver\printer name'

    Script run on machine: script type: powershell
    $printclass = [wmiclass]"win32_printer"
    $printclass.AddPrinterConnection("\printerserver\printer name")
    $printclass.AddPrinterConnection("\printerserver\printer name2")
    #$printclass.AddPrinterConnection("\printerserver.company.com\LAB A Color")
    #$printclass.AddPrinterConnection("\printerserver.company.com\LAB A Duplex")

    Script run on device:
    -powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -noprofile -file "location of script.ps1"

  • Printers are typically a per user item. You would want the policy trigger to be login to run as that user and not the system account.

  • @theopenem_admin can you specify this? meaning where do you trigger this from or the config for the module?

  • It's on the policy. Change the trigger type.