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  • I did a successful test image last night and now when I am trying to do another one I get the following error Unknown Error Occurred While Determining Minimum HD Size Required.

    What do I do I need to do to fix this error? Please help

  • Can you post the upload and deploy logs?

  • @theopenem_admin
    Thanks for your response to this thread. For now I have managed to work my way through to figured it out. Although I still don’t know what the error message exactly means. I was.choosing the wrong options on the client I was doing deploy and doing upload image task on the server. Which gave me errors I was thinking deploy this image from to the server client and upload image on server.
    I then went upload on server and and upload on the client and viola it worked!

    I was able to upload the image on the server from the client and deploy that image successfully to other client with toes installed or no operating system installed at all. I do have a few questions though I am using the Linux image now will this do two things a) will it convert mbr to gpt during upload? b) so far I have only deployed from HP desktop to Hp Desktop can I go from HP to any vendor (Dell, Lenovo,etc) even on laptops with that one image? c) how does the shrink work from a 1tb disk to 256gb disk? Is this all done on the upload from the client? Can this all be done with the Linux image or do I need to use pxe for certain things to work? I love your product it’s an awesome tool!

  • @theopenem_admin

    Please help I am trying to image a dell pc and all I get when I boot fromm the USB to image and I select theopenem I get a black screen with _ and nothing happens. The task is running I stopped the toec service and I also ran with admin powercfg.exe /h off. The usb is config for MBR (bios or uefi) also I tried it with GPT and still get the same results.

  • When you create your iso, you need to disable the secure boot support option.

  • @theopenem_admin

    So I have AHCI enabled instead on raid on a Dell Optiplex5090 as well as secure boot disabled. And I have toec installed on the dell and the service is stop and powercfg.exe /h off is set with elavated privileges. I booted from the clientboot usb and proceeded to upload image since the task is started and all I get is still the "_" on a blank screen. Please help.

  • @theopenem_admin
    Okay so I just check my task on the GUI and it appears to be uploading the image of the dell even though "_" is on the blank black screen and nothing else. very weird. Love this product though!!!

  • When you generate your iso in Theopenem, there is an option to disable secure boot. You need to change that option before you generate the iso.