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Installation Experience Feedback

  • I just want to give feedback on my installation experience.
    I may have missed something in the docs so it may just be user error, as usual and end user is blaming it on the developer. 🙂 jk guys! 🙂

    I did my install on a Win10 64 bit, 20h4 with a few apps already pre-installed but not much else.
    My account login that I used for install is in administrators group, but when the install got to the MariaDB setup it complained about my account not have the proper permissions.
    I cancelled out, uninstalled and cleaned up everything, and then re-ran with "Administrator" account for local hyper-v Win10 install and it installed fine after that and the rest of the login/setup process you mention online in documentation.
    Mt Win10/hyper-v install might have just acted odd, because I have installed other tools before with Mariadb/Mysql, etc... and they have ran and installed fine with a user account added to administrators group.
    Just sharing the initial experience in case it is actually an install/config setting that might need adjusted.

  • Thank you for your feedback. I don't recall needing to do that step on Windows 10, but I'll add a note to the documentation in case others experience it.