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  • Hello and thank you for this incredible piece of software. My apologies if this has been posted. I'm following along with the documentation and video tutorials, and I seem to have an already created default group that with the type set to STATIC. I can't change it and the two endpoints I've joined are showing up here under member count. I've created the DYNAMIC group as shown in the tutorials, but I can't seem to get those two PCs into that group. This is preventing me from running the dynamic criteria on the joined PCs. I've tried to delete this group, but it will not let me.

    Thank you for the help.


  • You can't delete the built in all computers group. It will always have all computers in it. There is no need to create another All computers group, but if you are just testing, it should still work. What do you have for your dynamic criteria?

  • @theopenem_admin Looks like I didn't give it enough time. The two clients both appeared in the dynamic group. Makes sense as I have this as the default. I was using the dynamic group to incorporate the criteria for inventory purposes. I was following along with the second video tutorial and noticed there wasn't a "Built-in Computers group" in your walkthrough. I created the dynamic group shown in the video but didn't see the clients but did notice they were in the "Built-in Computers group". I tried to add those clients to the dynamic group, but the "Add Group Members" option was only available on the Built-In group. Probably should finish the tutorials. lol

    Sorry for the confusion. I've used Clone Deploy in the past for imaging and am moving over to Theopenem. The imaging we did was simply creating a sysprepped master image, uploading to Clone Deploy, then using PXE boot to initiate the image process. Works like a champ.

    Thank you for your fast response. Truly this program is amazing. Am trying to convince higher ups to pay for a support contract. Well worth it.