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Upload for Win10 Image Cloning purposes.

  • Hello Folks,
    I have a question that I need some help with.
    I have spun up a new VM in our environement and installed TOEM successully.
    Gone through the Video's and Docs. All was successfully configured.
    My question is;
    Is it required to use the Agent MSI in order to upload an Image for Cloning?
    I would like to be able to use PXE like in CD. For some reason the TFTP server is not seeing the computer.
    I do have a CloneDeploy server running in the same network, Which I power down while testing.
    I have run both the Test to insure the server and services appear to be running properly.
    This one http://Your Server IP:8888/clientimaging/test the result being "true"
    and the other one that returned the result of "60"
    All I need is to upload a windows OS image and then be able to enroll devices on the fly to have that image deployed.
    Clone Deploy had been working perfectly until the recent model release.
    Any thouts would be appreciated

  • The agent is not required. It's only if you want to manage the computer after imaging it. Are you using proxy dhcp? If not, did you update option 66 on your dhcp server to point to your toems server?

  • @ggalindo I have Proxy DHCP from the Clone Deploy server but not sure of the url so I didn't start it. I kind of figure I would need it.
    I have downloaded the Proxy DHCP from the Clone Deploy downloads site.
    I have configured everything but I don't thing I have the URL setup correctly.
    Would the service url be something like this
    ;clonedeploy-service-url=http://Your Server IP:80/

    The response when I run cd_proxyd -0debug is as follows

    c:\Program Files\cd_proxyd>cd_proxyd --debug
    CloneDeploy ServiceURL Is Populated. Testing API ... FAILED
    ... Web Reservations Will Not Be Processed
    ... Clustered Tftp Servers Will Not Be Processed

    DHCP Service Listening On
    DHCP Service Listening On

    DHCP Service Running
    Press [Enter] to Exit.

    Not sure how to find the url

  • You don't need that url for it to work. It actually won't work yet because of changes in Theopenem. However, the proxy will still work. Did you set your pxe settings to use proxydhcp and generate the global boot menus in the toems ui?

  • So yes I have turned on the Proxy DHCP option
    I will go over all that again.
    But when I comment the url field out I get an error

    c:\Program Files\cd_proxyd>cd_proxyd --debug

    Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at CloneDeploy_Proxy_Dhcp.Config.Settings.SetAll()
    at CloneDeploy_Proxy_Dhcp.Program.Main(String[] args)

    c:\Program Files\cd_proxyd>

  • don't comment it out, just leave something in and let the test fail. I'll be creating a pxe boot video tutorial this weekend if you want to wait.

  • Sure I can wait, I had a bogus value for the url and it did fail. but nothing is getting picked up with the workstations. They just time out and then shutdown.

  • @ggalindo Just an update,
    I got it working
    Installed CD_Proxyd as a service and rebooted and everything started working
    Very nice.
    Thanks for the help
    I will watch the video anyway just to make sure I got everything correct.