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  • Hi,
    first of all, I must say I'm a rookie as a Theopenem user, so please forgive me if my question is "stupid"... 🙂

    I have installed the server without any trouble, activated ldap and provisionning, enabled pxe boot, used dhcpproxy to boot on legacy and uefi system...everything went smooth using the docs and videos on yt... Great job !

    Now, I have one client, installed the toec easily, create a image, assigned that image to the computer.
    I selected "Upload image", reboot the client, and selected Theopenem in the pxe menu.
    But now, the computer is indicated as unregistered (!?), and I have to enter a username and a password, that I have no idea...
    I've tried toemsadmin with my own password (not easy on a french keyboard to remember the mapping of keys to Qwerty 🙂 ) without any luck.
    Could you give me some hint ?


  • Did you take an inventory of that computer after Toec was installed?

  • @theopenem_admin Ooopss, I'm afraid not.
    I will do it, then I can go to imaging ?