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  • hello I'm having an issue when trying to PXE using the WinPE. the computer seems like it is able to reach the com server to grab the files it needs but after it is done and loads into the WinPE I get an "a Driver could not be found for this NIC" error.

  • Did you select the view nics option to see if it is listed? If not,

    The WIE gives you the option to add your own drivers. In the optional/drivers folder, put the nic drivers in the correct x86 or 64 folder. The drivers must be in inf format, you can't just throw an exe in there.

  • @theopenem_admin
    The only nic I see listed is microsoft kernel debug adapter.
    I downloaded the drivers off the manufacture site and extracted the inf from the files and placed it into the optional/drivers folder and re-ran the ToemsPE-build script and am still getting the same error.